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Joining Chemikals

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Joining Chemikals

Post by Ram Askaari on Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:32 pm

Join us in Chemk Pub (in-game text channel) for a drink and ask any questions you may have for us or use the Q&A Section of this forum!

Mining: Mining fleets with boosts are common, and we even buy the mined ore at 95% Jita price! We also have our own refineries in Goonswarm controlled space along with Combat and Ratting Support ships.

Manufacturing: We have an organized effort to build and sell doctrine ships, modules and rigs; as well as the facilities and accelerators to assist us.

PI: A coordinated effort in extracting and processing planetary materials. 95% Jita Buyback available. Free command centers and T1 ships are available!

PvP: We go on plenty of roams with several set doctrines. 100% ship SRP (ship replacement program) for lost doctrine sips in authorized Goonswarm fleets.

PvE: Kill all the rats! Bring a Noctis!

Exploration: We'll teach you about finding and exploiting the most dangerous locations in New Eden.

Capital Pilots: We want you!

Comms: We use Discord for fleet pings and other general uses, we use Imperium Mumble for voice comms. Voice Comms are mandatory for entry into Chemikals as well as for staying in the corporation.

Please register on EVE HR if you wish to join us. ESI authentication allows us to give you access to our corporation Discord server as well as ensure a certain level of security for our operations.

There will be an interview process where you will be asked a number of questions, after you pass the interview process you will be accepted into Chemikals.

Once you are in the Corporation we will give you all of the information needed to move to our staging system as well as supply you with our voice comms info.

VOICE COMMS ARE MANDATORY, we have AFK channels for those days you don't feel like talking with people. You must be in voice comms anytime you are logged into EVE so that we can reach you easily. 

You will be expected to join PvP fleets from time to time and we will always ensure you are able to obtain our doctrine fittings, we will also have T1 versions of modules on the local market if you are lacking in skills. Goonswarm Federation requires a minimum of 3 fleets per month so you will have ample opportunity to fill these.

Thank you for joining or considering joining Chemikals, we look forward to seeing you out in space with us kicking some serious ass!

-Ram Askaari
-HR Officer, Chemikals
Ram Askaari
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Director

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